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We support you as you figure out what you’re really looking for and how to tour homes successfully.

Tour Houses Like A Pro

Plenty of buyers have overlooked a gem because of bad wallpaper or dated furniture, whereas others allowed themselves to be seduced by a particular amenity in a home that otherwise really didn’t satisfy their needs. The challenge is to make sure you’re seeing each home properly — both the good and the bad. The other big issue is just remembering what you’ve seen. You can easily forget major details of each home, especially if you end up seeing more than 10 (and most buyers do).

6 Tips for Touring


Don’t gush.

When touring a home, keep your thoughts to yourself, especially if you love the place. This helps maintain a better negotiating position.


Bring a camera.

You think you will remember everything, but you won’t. Assuming you have permission from the seller, take lots of photos of each property, inside and out.


Bring decision makers.

If your partner or spouse needs to also give the okay, wait until they are available to tour with you. It will save a lot of time not to revisit several homes over and over.


Bring a tape measure.

Some spaces may be too small to accommodate your existing furniture. Take key measurements of cramped quarters, but remember — buy new furniture to fit your new house (not a new house to fit old furniture).


Ignore decor.

As hard as it may be, you need to see past furniture, wallpaper, wall color, and carpets. All those things will or could easily change once you move in.


Download our worksheet.

We’ve created a Tour A Home Like A Pro sheet. Print out one copy of the full version (which has all the detailed questions, room by room), and several copies of the summary sheets (so you can have a quick overview, too, for each property).